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My summary thing about Last Sunday. (yes that needed caps)
Okay so here's the deal.

I'm making this post public and my pictures post private.

Okay so.
I'm going to go through the morning pretty quick because it's not that important.

Woke up at 4.
Picked up Andrea at 5.
Got to Minneapolis at 7.
Slept until 11.

At 11:30 was when Lindsey was supposed to pick us up from my brother's and go eat lunch with Michael blah blah yadda yadda.
Lindsey fell through.

Did I mention the fact that at this time we weren't even sure if I was on the guestlist?
Travie wasn't answering, and my brother said that if he didn't answer (he didn't even think it was really Travis anyway) then we couldn't go because it was pointless.
Later on, my mother decided that I was a liar (what for? I have no idea still) and that we couldn't go.
Two minutes later Travie replies with "Yep you're on the list" and Marc said "Trav said you're on the list but I don't know who you are."
I had a temper tantrum.
My brother got my mother to change her mind.
So we left at 4:25 (5 minutes before the doors opened)
But it didn't really matter because I was on the list right?
We were too scared to actually cut in front of anyone so we stood in like for like 3 minutes.

Andrea was freaking out because she wasn't sure if she could get in.
We got up to the door and the guy crossed out my name on the list (it was all typed up and pretty.. yes I spazzed.) and we were in and she didn't have to do shit XD.

We saw Michael and Porsha (is that how you spell it? =/) and talked to them for a while before heading up into the crowd (which was unusually tame for the most part)
We met this guy who wasn't there for the show and was only there for his friends who were there to see POS and GCH. We got to the barricade because they all thought I was cute. (=|||) And it was a plus I was short?
We made a bet that maybe half the crowd would know more than one gym class song.
They were with me, not against me.

I felt kind of bad because the crowd wasn't really into him/them very much. I didn't take the chance I had to check them out a little bit more either so..

I couldn't really hear any of the vocals because everything else was so loud.
They were good though.
Andrea and I spent most of the set laughing at the trombonist that kept doing hip thrusts....

In between these sets, a drunk guy asked if he could put me in a box and take me home with him.

I declined.

He came back from *Minneapolis* and the crowd went fucking insaneeee for him. (most of the crowd was there to see him)
I really really like his stuff though.
I don't really know what else to say about it, but his set was fun.


In between POS and GCH Andrea got really pale and her pupils were all fucked up and she kept saying that she was going to faint. TBH if she did I probably wouldn't go with her (jkjkjkjkjk) but we got her some water and she got better (thank god)

That was some scary shit though.

Gymmmmmmmmmm Classsssss Failures Heroes
Okay so.
I am not going to go through the whole entire set- just my pluses and minues.

+ Travie's entrance with alcohol spillage.
+ Disashi and Eric in general
+ The fact that I blanked on lyrics once halfway through A Beautiful Day (mind you half the crowd was like WTF)
+- Me almost crying for some random reason halfway through Shoot Down The Stars.
- I didn't get Travie's toofbrush. (It played music when you brushed your teef and he demonstrated after it wasn't working at first "work bitch" and then threw it towards the center *we were by 'Sashi*)
+ Travie talking about his driving record.
+(ew) Travie sneezing and wiping the mucus off on marc..
+ "Sex is whack" Make-Out Club. Making out>sex
+ TRAVIE MENTIONING WILLIAM I freaked out 10 words into the intro for 7 Weeks
and I don't remember what exactly he said but it included "white and sexy" so I don't really care.
+Disashi singing William's part ( goddamn)
+Disashi hearing me scream TRECKETT after 7 Weeks.
*is starting to get lazy*
+ I don't remember when exactly, but Marc came out as Jerry and he was dancing and the looks on Trav, Sashi and Eric's faces were priceless.
- 6uiw4o642462 people leaving after Cupid's.
-------- Not getting Travie's hat that I wanted that he threw out during Clothes Off! That thing was boss.

okay so basically= + almost everything
- everything else.

after the show


Marc was throwing out all the shit that was on stage and he threw a setlist and it landed inbetween the barricade so I asked guard to pick it up for me and he did.
+ Setlist

Andrea wanted to go get merch and so we were over by the table when we heard screams (teenies) from the other side of the venue so we went over there and Travis was *surrounded* by teenies people. So we were like "fuck no we're not going over there".
Eric was slightly off to the side and he had maybe 5 or 6 people around him. We went over and said hi and told him it was a good set and I got a high five((AGAIN)) (I was too stupid to think of taking a picture/ getting a hug) there was a speaker inbetween us, and that was one of the main reasons I didn't ask.
This random girl walks up to Eric and says " I don't know who you are, but you're hot" and He made a face and Andrea and I were like ............
when Matt came out and the teenie in me was like "Matty matty matty" and he looked around and I guess he didn't see who said his name because he basically bolted out of there.
So we went over to the Travie swarm which was considerable smaller. Andrea kept saying that I had to thank him and shit.
well obviously.
It took about three tries to actually get to him.
I kept getting shoved out of the way.
One of the times we made eye contact and I started tearing up (wtf I'm a baby)
and this guy was like O_O because I kept saying how I couldn't do this every single time I met him.
So I finally get to him.
Me: Five things.
Travie: Okay O_O!
Me: One: Thank you for guestlisting me.
Travie: You're Irene right?
Me: yes..
Travie: I'm glad you could make it! *hug* It's good to see you again.
*I was currently dead at that moment. I could bet a million dollars I had that same stupid expression on my face from before*
Me: Yeah well.. Two: I'm sorry if I annoyed you or anything.
Travie: (he was counting off on his fingers btw) NO! I knew you were like "freaked out" or whatever and I wasn't answering because I was on my sidekick and.. ( he kept talking but I kind of started day dreaming...)
PS: His hair is still uber soft. (totally copped a feel)

Three and four was to sign my setlist and take a picture with me.(the picture is OMGLOLworthy)
I couldn't remember five- at the time. So he said to tell me when he remembered.
Travis was sickish and these girls were trying to get him to drink out of a water bottle so they could get sick from him (.....) and he kept saying "DE JESUS THEY BE TRYING TO GET MY DEFLONYA" (idunnohowtospellwhateverthefuckhesaid)
Then Disashi came out and I was all O_O because I had to tell him something.
But Andrea said that she needed to get a picture with Travie (which she never got)
but Disashi "left" and I got really pouty but we decided to go over to Marc.
Me: I'm Me.
Marc: What?
Me: I'm Irene.
Me: XD
Marc: I'll remember you for next time.
And he gave me a hug and signed my setlist and took a picture with me.

We went back over to Travie and I was talking to him about his necklace when I remembered number five which was to call Birdy. (That message was amusing in itself to watch/ to hear but if she wants she can say what happened in the comments)
After that Travie was talking about how they were going to see 300 on Monday because they had a day off and how "that shit looks awesome"
One of those girls that were trying to get sick from him bit him (yes bit him) and.. "DEJESUS..THEY FUCKING BIT ME" And he fled.

Andrea and I were like "well we got what we wanted." and went outside.

On the side of the building is Disashi with 3 or 4 girls by him.
I say "disashi omg"
Marc runs past and says "OH MY GOD!@@!!!oneone!!"
I told him not to make fun of me and he laughed and said it was fun.
Not cool.
He winked. Whatever.
So we went over to Disashi and talked and stuff.
This girl was trying to go to the movie with him and he was like " I don't know ..De Jesus knows.." to all of her questions.
I asked if he got my messages on stalker space and he said he thought so. He forgot about my lunch message and said to remind him and he'll try for the next time they come. (XDDDD)
And I got a hug(morelike four) and picture and he signed the setlist.
I told him to have a good night and he was like "yeah you too"
We went over to wait for my brother when we called Lindsey and I asked if she wanted to talk to Sashi and she said sure.
That girl was still over there and I think he was trying to "nicely" get rid of her.
He said he had to go so I told Lindsey that "nevermind he said he had to go" and he said "No! I can talk to your friend." So they talked. I'm not really sure what about but Lindsey said "it was pleasant" We said our goodbyes (for the 2nd time) and walked away.

Andrea and I sat and watched the creepy drunk hobos until my brother came and picked us up.

The one with the harmonica was pretty sweet. =|

Wonderful ending to a confusing day.

There ya go.

Updating for a picture post in a few.

Holy fuck that shit is long.
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