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The crowd sucked ass and was 95% teenies, but it was worth it.

I don't have pictures right now, but those'll be coming soon.

Playing with the Pete Wentz doll on the way was wayyy too amusing.

Two things that you should keep in mind if you didn't already know:

Travis L. McCoy is my idol/hero/role model- what the fuck ever.
My mission of the night was to meet him.



Paula Deanda
Still dunno who she is.

Brooke Hogan / Hulk Hogan (who totally waved at us)
The guy behind me had a boner.

Paul Wall
When the light hit his grills it looked pretty.

Gym Class Heroes

Fucking. Amazing.

I have no words.

The only downside was that I knew a lot of what Travie was gonna say in between songs.

'Sashi waved at us and Travie totes saw me blowing kisses at him.

They all looked extremely adorable. Travie and his sweater vest made me aww.

Shoot Down The Stars. Just amazing. I loved being one of the only ones to know the lyrics.
Marc (106) lololol did he join gch or something now?
Disashi's smile.
Watching people fight over Matt's drumsticks.

And when FOB was watching the end of GCH's set, that was pretty interesting.

Fall Out Boy
Everytime I see them, they get more and more amazing.

Screaming things when I wasn't supposed to was fun.

Pete: Repeat after me. GODDAMN
Everyone: GODDAMN
Lindsey: Oh God.

Teenie: Huh?
Patrick's voice was breathtaking.
Pete made me giggle.
I still want Andy to bang my drums.
Joe's energy was like 150% (fucker spit on me)

Joe's white pants.
Patrick's guitar breaking halfway through Yule Shoot Your Eye Out. He was singing with no intruments. *ded*
When Pete was about 3 cm from kissing Patrick and then Patrick jerked away and his face screamed ORGASM.
Watching Patrick play/sing.
Getting knocked over by a teenie when I had Pete's pick.

I can't feel two of my toes cause some chick was wearing heels and stepped on them.

Making friends in the pit was awesome too.

After the show (LOL @ the people getting hit with Pete's Mic) We walked around inside and I asked a guy if he knew if anyone was coming out.

He said No, they all left.

Fucking Liar.

We went outside and Tasha was like "is that Joe?" but it was actually Travie and he went back into the tent so I started freaking out because I thought he wasn't coming back, and then Patrick came out and Lindsey gave me her camera and made me take a picture and then five minutes later I realized I could've gotten a hug from him and Lindsey couldn't speak proper English for half an hour.
Then Disashi, Eric, Marc and Matt came out and I got hugs from them and I told Matt that GCH made me a slight teenie and he was like "I don't even know what that means" so I told him and he said "oooh okay" and then we were talking about how they have an off day and that they should go shopping at MOA(Mall of America) and he said that they probably were going to. and then they drove off and Pete came out and he was just talking about how he wanted to say hi but no hugs cause his back was fucked up and how he's getting an MRI. I got a high-five.

So then FOB left and I was pretty convinced that Travie was gone, so I was all crying and stuff (stfu) and then he came out but then went back into the tent and then he signed some set list and the guard threw it at this hollister girls. but finally he came out and he had this hug box and I started hypervenilating and then Lindsey was like "THIS GIRL NEEDS A HUG" and was pointing at me and he started walking towards us but then the security guard directed him over to the end of the line, but then when he got to me.

Travie: Why do you look so sad?
Travie: *pushes the edges of my mouth up* Smile for me. What's your name sweetie?
Travie: Irene, smile for me!
Me: *beaming*
and then he grabbed my face and gave me a hug and kissed the top of my head.

and then Lindsey and I were talking about how we were gonna get him a toothbrush and mine says T-Laz on it (Lazzy FTW)
and he said "You know my middle name?" and I nodded and he smiled.

And then he went and talked to other people(I took that as a chance to touch his hair) but right before he left I said "TRAVIE ONE MORE THING" and he looked at me and I said "You know Treckett?"
and he said "haha yeah?" "I started that." and he was like "really?" and I said "yeah" and then was walked towards the truck and said "But I'm not gay." and I said "I know" and then he got in and drove away and this girl was asking everyone "What's Treckett? I'm confused." I died.

The best part?

He was sober.

My love for FOB and GCH has been renewed.

Especially GCH. Those boys are amazing. I'm a proud GCH fan.

I probably forgot something, but it doesn't matter right now.

BWHAHAHA Andrea's mom getting hit on by the Limo Driver.


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